3 Plugins Bundle for 50% Discount

Get all 3 corefortress plugins bundle for half price. Each package of bundle has it's specifications described in tables below.

Starter Bundle


One Time Payment
  • 3 Starter Version Plugins
  • 1 Domain Available
  • 1 year to support & updates
  • -
  • -
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Advanced Bundle


One Time Payment
  • 3 Advanced Version Plugins
  • 5 Domains Available
  • 2 years to support & updates
  • 25% Off On Future Plugins
  • -
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Corefortress Plugins

These are the plugins involved in bundle, you can check them out and get one by one if that's more comfortable option for you.

Product Catalog

If you want to run an e-commerce website or want to have a small shop section on your site, you need to try out our catalog plugin.

Simple Slider

Image Responsive Slider is a powerful tool that will allow you to create multitasking image sliders in just a few clicks. 

Event Calendar

 Start planing your event smoothly on your website regardless of your event’s type and size


CoreFortress Bundle is a single product that contains all 3 plugins corefortress provides.  Once you get the corefortress bundle you will receive a zip file that contains 3 installable files for plugins.
CoreFortress plugins come with 3 plans. One of the differences of those plans are Customer Support and Plugin update terms. Starter verion users get 1 year of support and update Advanced users get 2 years and finally Expert version users get lifetime support and updates. This doesn't mean plugin will stop working after 1 /2 years however you Starter and Advanced version users will need to upgrade their purchases to get customer support or the latest version of plugin. 
Plugins save all the data on WordPress database and upload directories. This means as soon as you install the Pro version on your website all the data will remain in place.
Of course you can! And if you decide to upgrade from one of the versions to Expert version please contact us - we will charge you only the difference of the plans. 
If you have successfully deleted the free version from your website and installed the Pro one the only reason you see Get Pro announcements is cache files. Please delete website and browser cache files before checking the Pro version!
After the purchase you will get an email with Pro Zip file.  In order to install the zip file on your website Delete the free version > Upload and install the Pro file > Clear website and browser cache files.
If after the purchase you didn't dot any email feel free to contact us!