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Event Calendar is a special plugin that will help you to start and plan your event smoothly on your website. Regardless of your event’s type and size, Easy Event Calendar plugin will be the ultimate assistant you can find. You can add the events, customize it to your taste and allow users to book on it.


Start by adding the venue’s list to have multiple options for all your upcoming events. The venue will include the name of the place, address, number, link to the official sources and google map. For more visually responsive effect add a photo feature to your Event Calendar. Here you go, your venue is ready with Easy Event Calendar. Time to discuss other fields of the events calendar.



As a credible event organizer, you can add the organiser’s name to your Event Calendar. You can create multiple names in case you work for a number of companies.


Event Categories

Do not forget to create your events’ categories in Easy Event Calendar to give your users more details about your special days. Write the name and slug, assign a parent term to create a hierarchy. The term Jazz, for example, would be the parent of Bebop and Big Band. Write a catchy description with Easy Event Calendar. Add color to your category and save.



In this section of the Event Calendar plugin you will create the calendar itself with all its details.

  • General: Write the title, description, the frequency of the event and many more in the General section of Easy Event Calendar.
  • Display Settings: Select the skin theme, time regulations, show/hide the categories dropdown, show/hide the locations dropdown and many more customisation options for displaying information in the Event Calendar.
  • User’s Events: Adds the possibility for registered users to add events in Events Calendar. Select multiple users’ roles using the ctrl key, give permissions to users to perform certain actions and many more user friendly options. Make your website interactive for the users and attract more clients with the help of Event Calendar.
  • Booking: Find everything needed for the booking in Events Calendar from sample letters to booking possibilities. Write the customised letters automatically in case of the cancellation of the event, reminders and different notifications. Easy Event Calendar is here to help you arrange your event as smoothly as possible.
  • Translations / Multi Language: Enable multi language use from this section with the WordPress Multi Language plugin.Make your website understandable for a wider audience and enjoy the diversity with Event Calendar.
  • Sync iCal Feed / Facebook Events: Events Calendar will help you synchronize the event with the one in Facebook with selecting the categories and frequency.
  • Cache: Enable or disable the cache in Events Calendar if necessary.


Color Settings

Add special dates to use in the calendars. Such as holidays, company events, personal events, etc.. Assign them to calendars and events in Easy Event Calendar.



Settings give you a chance to customise your Event Calendar even more thoroughly. Start with

  • general settings where you can select the user role that will manage the plugin. Create event and categories slug, many more options;
  • editing and customising google maps in the Google map section of Easy Event Calendar;
    allowing your users to authenticate their identities with the help of Event Calendar’s Facebook API Keys / PRO;
  • adding ReCaptcha to your website in events calendar making it more secure;
    choosing the life of the expired events – keeping or removing them;
  • adding event custom fields and extra booking fields to attract more users with the help of Events Calendar.



Get a calendar custom shortcode by selecting the calendar, layout, category, view, skin theme, etc..Use Event Calendar’s wide range of possibilities to get the maximum for your website.


Event Calendar

Add the new event calendar and start creating the event with all amenities for your users. Enable bookings if needed, introduce the maximum number of bookings allowed for this event, block certain hours, share your event from Facebook and many more in the Events Calendar. Do not forget to add the event day, time, timezone, ending time and location. Your users will surely appreciate the thoughts and details while creating it with an easy Event Calendar plugin.

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