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If you own an e-commerce website or want to have a small shop section on your site, you need to try out our Product Catalog plugin. It promises the best experience both for users and website owners. Our Product Catalog is the asset you were looking for. 

We have created Easy Product Catalog which is simple in use even for beginners. The plugin has all the functionality one needs wrapped up with best looking views.

Adding products photos, descriptions, brand, articul and other info, is the main functionality of the plugin. Product Catalog is very user-friendly and responsive. We took care of it’s simplicity in design while creating it.

You are going to enjoy adding new products and displaying the current ones with our plugin. 



Start the creation of the Product Catalog by creating the categories. Here you will add the name of the product, how it appears on your website and the “slug” – the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. In the same section of Easy Product Catalog write the description of the category, add your preferred feature, banner and save. The first step in creating your catalog with Product Catalog is done. 



Create your grouping with Easy Product Catalog in a few seconds. The section makes it extremely easy to group your products in one place so that your customers understand the logic of the website from A to Z. Add the name, the slug, choose the corresponding icon in Product Catalog and save it.



Add attributes to the groups in Product Catalog. Name it, add the slug and write the attractive description for the product catalog. You can also choose from attributes types the one that fits your website style best: text input, textarea, select box, multi-select, check box, date picker. Save the attributes and proceed to the next stage of Easy Product Catalog creation. 



Design filters with Product Catalog and help your clients find the thing they are looking for. Write the name and the slug, the filter is ready to be implemented in the product catalog. Add more filters if necessary. 


Catalog Settings

Go through the Settings sections of the plugin and change different aspects as per your website style and personal taste. 

  • General: Configure general settings for Easy Product Catalog Plugin, here you can change products catalog page, main heading of catalog, search archive main heading, brands archive main heading etc.
  • Permalinks: Configure permalinks structure for products, comparisons, categories and brands URLs rewrite.
  • Tabs: Customize the title, content, display setting of tabs, also you can change display order of tabs by moving them up / down, press “save changes” button to save the order in the product catalog. You can add custom tabs to display more data of a product, you can add custom tabs content by editing a product post in Product Catalog.
  • Zoom: Here you can manage the product main image zoom settings, press “save changes” button to save the settings.
  • Lightbox: Here you can manage video lightbox settings, press “save changes” button to save the product catalog’s settings.
  • Affiliates: Here you can manage affiliate settings, enter a store name e.g(Amazon) upload a logo image (100 by 60px), press “save changes” button to save the settings. Sidebars: Here you can manage all Product Catalog Sidebars for all templates used to display output generated by Easy Product Catalog plugin.


General Settings

This section will help you to customize the general settings in the plugin. Choose your store location, date format, currency and many more. Also here you can edit the sizes of the different images. Easy Product Catalog is here to help you personalize your website. 



After your finished customizing the plugin details, it is time to add the products. Click on “Add product”, select the category and continue to the next stage. Here you can add the price, SKU, availability and other details. Create features with descriptions and icons in the product catalog. Add videos and images, apply the attributes and filters which you already created in the product catalog. Add tabs, affiliate offers in the product catalog, select a store enter title, price and your affiliate link. 



Create the comparisons for at least of your 3 products with Easy Product Catalog. You can start with the title adding your preferred blocks, choose the products with their categories and here you go. Your product comparisons are ready to attract more potential customers. 



Add the brands to your website by creating the name, descriptions, logo and the slug.Write the order number and save the brand for your products. 


Rating Bars

With the Rating Bars option of Product Catalog, you will make your website more interactive and trustworthy. In a few clicks you can add the rating bars with the name, slug, description and default value. 

Do not forget to use the most of Easy Product Catalog. Now you are ready, your product catalog is ready – preview and publish!

Pro Support:
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Free Support:

Free support is being provided only on community forums!

This is an important aspect that helps also other users to find a solution.

Free support is also being provided within 48 hours, there is no difference in support quality or frequency between free and pro supports!

If you are a free version user of Catalog plugin and need help, please open a ticket here - Support Forum

You can create as many categories as needed for your product list.
Since your shop is in the transitional period now, you can write the address of the current shop and later edit it. It is all available in the General Settings field of the plugin.
You can contact our 24/7 support at [email protected]
The catalog is non commercial, which means that it represents the product with all possible assets, however, it is not possible to buy it straight away from the website.
After the purchase, you will receive an email with Pro version Zip file and installation instructions. You can also download the Pro version from your profile at corefortress as long as your license allows it․

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