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Image Responsive Slider is a powerful tool that will allow you to create multitasking image sliders in just a few clicks. The simple logic of the plugin will turn your experience with website development into entertainment. 

Add photos and videos to your website and attract the viewers with the beautiful design of Responsive Slider. Also you can add your posts to your website showing your recent posts in a beautiful, tiny and interactive slider. Enhance your content and entice your audience with the help of Image Slider. 

Having a team of creative designers and developers, we put your comfort and time into priority when creating the responsive slider. That is why this is what you’ve been searching for to use on your website. Image slider is a creative tool you will need on every website you can imagine.


It is easy and quick to create your website slides when you have the Image Responsive Slider. You can add photos and videos to your gallery and use them in your slides. As a bonus Image Slider plugin offers you a button for uploading the posts. 

  • Photo Slider 

You can add photos to your slide choosing all the necessary personal touch. Download the photos to your media gallery, select the ones for the current slides and here you go! The photo is added and the only thing left to do is previewing. 

  • Video Slider

To make your content even more interactive add videos to your slides. You can also write descriptions where necessary to transfer the required message to your audience. Good thing is you can combine photos and videos in one slider attracting more viewers and potential customers. 

  • Post Slider

As the last step, do not forget to add your posts to the slider. Choose the most impressive one and watch people spend more and more time on your website. Posts will give a more personalized and informative feature to your website. Responsive slider is perfect for those who get maximum in everything. 



Create sliders with 3 default themes which you can customize or make unlimited themes that will mirror your unique style and approach. 

Minimalist Theme will be a valuable asset for all minimalism lovers. Occupying relatively small space, the theme will allow you to emphasize the description of the image sliders.  

Product Showcase is another tool from Responsive Slider. Enjoy a different showcase and surprise your viewers. 

Full Width Hero offers you the possibility of bigger image sliders and videos. Bigger and wider sliders do not mean the skipping of description. Description is still visible to the viewers. Show the details to your audience with Image Slider. 

Personalized theme can be a mix of all options mentioned above or can be the result of your own ideas. Make into reality your long awaited theme with Image Responsive Slider. This option will help you to stand out with your content representation and style. 



After you created your slide adding all the captivating photos, videos and posts, it is time to customize the publishing style. Choose the theme from available themes or the one you created for your personalized website and add the direction. Choose the one that matches your aesthetics and tastes. Vertical and horizontal slider options will add more possibilities to the views. 

Do not forget about the effects of the responsive slider. In Image Slider, based on your design and style, the slides can slide, flip, fade, cube and coverflow. Play with the sliding options in Responsive Slider and choose the one that suits your project best of all. Use the appearance tools to interact with your clients and enjoy a wide range of possibilities of Image Responsive Slider. 

Now you are ready to publish your slider and show to the world your product!

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Sure! Image Responsive Slider implements protocol relative urls that are perfectly coherent with http:// and on https:// too.
Yes, you can! It is very simple by going to the IMAGE SLIDER Settings and clicking on the VIDEO button. You will be directed to a new page, where you need to enter the URL of the video.
Yes, you can! When choosing one of our themes, go EDIT → Thumbnails → USE THUMBNAILS, tick the option and here you go.
Simple! Just use the shortcode available in a Slider Settings page, Shortcode field.
After the purchase, you will receive an email with Pro version Zip file and installation instructions. You can also download the Pro version from your profile at corefortress as long as your license allows it․

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